Chicken Saddle Vest
Chicken Saddle Vest
Chicken Saddle Vest
Chicken Saddle Vest
Chicken Saddle Vest
Chicken Saddle Vest

Chicken Saddle Vest

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Ever wondered why your chicken’s fertility drops off after a while? Particularly with larger breeds and rough roosters? So often, it is because the back and sides of the hens have been scratched or even ripped from the enthusiastic male. Injured hens won’t let the rooster mate them, resulting in poor fertility. As a breeder, this often goes unnoticed unless hens are regularly checked. It can be very hard to see wounds with all the feathers in the way.

Our high quality chicken saddles provide protection for the girls and grip for the boys. In the past, before we realized the damage that can occur, we had birds die from having their sides ripped open. This happened despite the claws being trimmed and the spurs cut off! (We highly recommend doing this as well). Now all our birds wear a chicken saddle for the entire breeding season.


  • HIGHT-QUALITY MATERIAL- These chicken saddles are made of quality double-layer fabric, breathable and soft, not easy to hurt or break, can be applied for several times and washed, and can be folded and stored after the mating season, waiting for use in the next year.
  • GOOD PROTECTION-The standard chicken saddles can guard your hen from being hurt by sun and rain, let the back protection cover hen's shoulders, back and even tail to stop it from being pecked; It can cover the wound area on the back to promote healing and feather regrowth.
  • EASY TO USE- Our saddles are very easy to wear, with flexible straps and plenty of room for stretching; There is no need to bend it into small circles, just wrap the strap, and there is enough space for expansion and contraction, and will not cause hurt to poultry while wearing.
  • RELIABLE AND SAFE-These chicken jacket straps are made of fabric, which is lightweight and safe, the chicken saddle has double layers, the inner layer is waterproof, which can keep the saddle dry and feel comfortable.


Item Type: Hen Apron

Material: Cloth

Product Size: 7.9 x 7.7in  

Weight: Approx. 31g / 1.1oz


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