2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap
2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap
2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap
2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap
2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap
2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap

2x - Fruit Fly Reusable Gnat Trap

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Product Features

  • Novel Design Catcher Traps: Upgraded 2.2 x 2.4-inch apple fruit fly traps for indoors, specially designed for flying pests, adopt an advanced entrance funnel design. Red can attract small flying insects, The reusable fruit fly killer adopts an entrance funnel design, catch small flying insects lingering around. Fruit fly catcher indoors also has anti-ultraviolet and waterproof functions.
  • Double Catch Drosophila: Fruit fly killer for indoors uses color and odor to lure mosquitoes. The apple gnat killer uses food bait to capture fruit flies easily. Once fruit flies enter the pest control for plants, they cannot Escape and continue to breed. After the fruit fly traps are filled with mosquitoes, you can wash the gnat killer with warm soapy water to trap fruit flies and small insects repeatedly.
  • Safe and Non-toxic: The Fruit Fly Traps are made of non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly materials. Fly catcher uses food bait and bright colors to easily trap pests. You can safely place indoor insect traps near food or plants to keep those pesky fruit flies away from your life. Kitchen fly trap indoors is most effective when placed near common breeding sites.
  • Easy to Use: Just open the lid of the pineapple fly trap, put the bait such as fruit, apple cider vinegar, or soapy water into the indoor mosquito trap, close the lid. Put the gnat trap in a place where flies often visit, and the smell and color will attract the pests. Once the fruit fly enters the best indoor gnat killer from the hole above, it cannot escape reproduction.
  • Wide Application: You can use indoor fruit fly traps in any room with flying insects or outdoors. Fruit flies gather is suitable for any place where fruit flies gather such as living room, kitchen, dining room, garden or plants. The indoor insect trap bug can trap fruit flies, fly, mosquito, gnat, ants, moth,aphid, whitefly and other pests. Use mosquito traps indoors to keep these annoying household pests away.

Product Description

Our fruit fly traps can easily help you get rid of fruit flies in groups around fruits in the kitchen and trash cans.

The gnats trap indoor is non-toxic and odorless and can be safely placed on kitchen counters, dining areas, near unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables, and any other places where fruit flies gather. Bright red and attractive pumpkin-shaped traps are easier to confuse and attract fruit flies, and easily eliminate these annoying household pests!
The 2.2 x 2.4 inch fruit fly trap adopts an entrance funnel design. The upper opening is large, which makes it easy for fruit flies to enter the interior, while the lower opening is small, which can effectively prevent fruit flies from escaping. After a period of time, the number of fruit flies around your home will drastically decrease.

With our gnat trap, the nasty fruit flies can be wiped out in just three steps.

  1. Open the lid of the fruit fly trap.
  2. Put the liquid bait into the gnat trap (add a small amount of water).
  3. Cover the lid and place this fruit fly trap in a place where there are many fruit flies. The flies will fly in from the hole above. Once the fruit flies enter the fruit fly trap, they will not be able to escape and continue to reproduce.

After the fruit fly traps are full, you can use the fruit fly traps indoor to catch fruit flies and small insects after washing with warm soapy water.

Note: Remember to change the fruit fly bait every 30 days or until the trap is full.

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